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Fashion Theatre "Tumor"
National clothes of Bukhara is distinguished by its luxury, pomp, ostentation and unique gold embroidery. The clothes reflects to the character of the nation and expresses traditions, rooted in ethnic history.

In the theater of fashion "Tumor" are presented national costumes of the Bukhara people, in its traditional form by the middle of the XIX century, representing clothing that firmly entered into the life of Uzbek people.

In the XIX century Bukhara reached perfected art of gold embroidery. They were predominantly used in the decoration of castle apparel, men\'s and women\'s costumes and accessories: robes, belts, hats and shoes.

With a great succes, we are organizing runway shows of women\'s, men\'s and children\'s clothing of the XIX century, from rich and poor families. For a narrow range of the nobles and the rich people, the masters of the gold embroidery decorated with gold embroidery details of common women\'s apparel and traditional items included in the bride\'s dowry.

In the women\'s clothes: dresses, jackets, scarves, skull-caps, belts, shoes and handbags  are decorated with gold embroidery . Among the products of "small forms" the most popular were Bukharas\' gold embroidered skullcaps and women\'s jewelry, which is not only granted the beauty, but also strengthen women\'s health.
Features of clothing are determined by age period, social status, place and time, outlook, sorrowful and joyful events. These standards and requirements influenced the fabrics used, their design and drawing, coloring, size and cut of garments.

The art of gold embroidery – was considered as the most amazing and astonishing type of applied art , extolled since ancient times by wise ancestors. According to archaeological and historical sources, the art of gold embroiderers in Central Asia has been known since the first centuries of our era.

Welcome to the theater of fashion "Tumor"

Show ballet
Well, what a holiday without the show program? Our show ballet "Aerodesign" will decorate with their presence any celebration or important event, whether it is corporate party, a wedding or family reunion. You will be surprise with spectacular show, which consists of the best dance numbers from different countries. This is a great choreography, sumptuous costumes, professional performance and vivid impressions from each performance.

Children\'s show
Children\'s show "Aerodesign" - is the heros of the favorite fairytales of your kids! This is a team of young, creative and energetic professionals in their field! We love to create the best holidays for your kids!

The musical group "Diyor"
One of the last projects of "Aerodesign" is the creation of the musical group "Diyor". Our talented singers with the charming voices will make your holiday enjoyable and unforgetable! Young lyric baritone singer in combination with classic soprano will charm you with their velvet voices. All the best songs only for you!