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Today, there are a lot of well-known representatives of this demanding profession – event management organizations…however the question is, to whom we will entrust the organization of the most important event in our life? "Aerodesign" company knows how to make your holiday unforgettable. Our company offers you a modern approach to organizing events. The main criteria of our work is "provided services should differ from others by quality, originality and creativity."

Organization of festivals, weddings and other celebrations requires a thorough knowledge of all the aspects the event, therefore it is better to entrust this important and serious job to the professionals.

We are pleased to offer you children\'s events and the organization of weddings, corporate events of all sizes. Weddings are, perhaps, the most crucial parts of our work, as it involves a lot of details. Organizations of wedding ceremony requires a basic knowledge of the traditions, the presence of well-located place for a banquet, and of course, banquet itself - highpoint of the whole process. Optimally choose a place for a wedding, agree the scenario, advantageously book a car to move around the newlyweds and their friends - is our responsibility. Excellent wedding organization is only possible with a professional approach, which our specialists are ready to provide you. With our help your wedding will turn into a great celebration that will be long remembered by your friends and relatives. One more direction of our fairy activities – are corporate events that should be entertaining and easygoing. In the organization of such events exist a few moments that can unite a team, open new ways and opportunities in yourself and your colleagues, and afterwards gather together in order to remember all exciting competitions and share your emotions.

Along with this, we offer you a range of related services for the organization of various events, including video and photo, as well as stunning decoration of the hall. In the decoration of the hall we use flowers, balloons and lighting design.

Organization of corporate events, wedding, abd birthday parties - is the our work that we really love! Therefore, in any event, whether it is children\'s party, wedding or birthday party, we put the piece of our soul. The organization of the event is not simply about the implementation of a scenario or decoration of the hall. We are together with you experiencing the best moments of your life, rejoicing, and trying to do our best to make your holiday extraordinary and unforgetable.